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French Cover vol.2
Bastard!!: The Manga

Japanese Covers: Bastard!! first appeared in 1988 in Japan. Currently the manga spans 27 volumes. Due to an erratic publication, each publication of a new volume is a real miracle to fans. After several postponements in 2011, Volume 27 was FINALLY released in March 2012. Unfortunately since then, no sign of Bastard!! in prepublication schedules...

French Covers: The manga has been translated into several languages and is still published in foreign countries such as France, Italia, Germany... The French publication started in 1996.

Complete Edition: In 2000, a first volume of a deluxe version of the manga was released. In this version called Complete Edtition, several changes occured : format, computer retouching, added frames, new cover designs... Complete Edition #2, nearly completly redrawn, is very well-known for its tremendous quality.
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