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Bastard!! The Animation
Bastard!!: The Anime

Original Net Animation: In 2022, 30 years after the first one, Netflix released a new adaption in 24 episodes.

Original Video Animation: In 1992, a 6-part anime OVA was released in Japan. It adapts the beginning of the manga and ends on a cliffhanger. The 6 episodes were edited on different supports: VHS, Laser Discs and DVDs.

Original Soundtracks: There are several soundtracks of the anime printed on CDs.

Anime: Bastard!!
Music: Karma - by Kamelot
Editor: RubyEye
Premiered: 2001-11-29

Comment: One of the best AMV (Anime Music Video) ever edited on the anime Bastard. This great song of Kamelot fits perfectly the universe of Bastard!!. The editing of the AMV still does more than justice to the anime a decade after its premiere. Thanks to the editor RubyEye for this moment of awesomeness and pleasure offered to Bastard!! fans.

Pure epicness...
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