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Bastard!!: The Figures

High End Figures: A serie of figures called High End was released in 2001 by the manufacturer Kotobukiya. This serie contains figures of DS Jugulator, Majin DS, Mickael, Gabriel, Porno Diane and different alternative or repaint versions.

1/6 scale Figures: The term 1/6 scale refers to the size of the figures, quite big compared to other figures of Bastard!!. A first Kotobokiya 1/6 scale figure of Porno Diano was released in 2001 at the same time Kotobukiya High End figures were released. Since then, different figures appeared officially or unofficially. These last years the manufacturer Orchid Seed released figures with the design of the Complete Edition redrawn characters (Kai Harn & Archess Nei).

One Coin Figure: The One Coin Figure serie refers to small figures in cardboard boxes you could buy with 500 Yens (one coin) each, without knowing which one you were buying. There are 7 of these figures, 6 plus a secret one.
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