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Bastard!!: Artbooks

Illustrations Artbooks: As any famous mangaka, Kazushi Hagiwara and Studio Loud in School released several artbooks containing dozens of illustrations. These artbooks are mainly centered on Bastard!! and Guardress which is the second main work of Hagiwara.

Doujinshi I: These doujinshi (or self-producted manga) written by Hagiwara are closely linked to the main story of Bastard!!. Indeed a whole part of the story was never published by the regular industry, this narative gap between volume 18 and volume 19 was later released as doujinshi. Hagiwara also worked on 2 sexy episodes of Dark Schneider private life, called Expansion Sets.

Doujinshi II: Studio Loud in School released a lot of parodic doujinshi. These funny self-producted magazines involve in crazy situations the main characters of Bastard!! or other famous video game characters.

Doujinshi III: These doujinshi are drawn and written by authors other than Hagiwara and studio Loud in School. They relate completive or alternate stories to Bastard!!.

Novels: Several novels have been published since the begining of the manga. Black Rainbow is well-known for introducing the former four lieutenants of Dark Schneider.

Data Books: Data books are guides filled with tons of details, answers and secrets about Bastard!! and its universe...
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